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CAPAS – International pension and insurance developments

Authors:  Servaas Houben Publisher, publication date: CAPAS, May 2021

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Toezicht op financiële instellingen Curaçao is te vrijblijvend

Authors:  Servaas Houben, Ronald Ketellapper[1] Link: ‘Toezicht op financiële instellingen Curaçao is te vrijblijvend’ ( Publisher, publication date: De achterkant van Curacao, 8 May 2021 Het toezicht in Curaçao is volgens de auteurs verouderd en houdt onvoldoende rekening met de risico’s waaraan … Continue reading

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Culture eats sustainability for breakfast

Sustainability regulations without cultural acceptance are bound to fail Authors: Gus Badran and Servaas Houben Pdf: TEA-26-june2021-DEF.pdf ( Publisher, publication date: The European Actuary June 2021 Abstract In line with the Paris agreement, the insurance sector has decided to give climate risk … Continue reading

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Stochastic Modelling of Covid-19

Authors: Kees van Heugten, Rob Smit and ServaasHouben Pdf: PDFArticle Publisher, publication date: De Actuaris, 2020-10 ————————————————————————————————————————— In this article Kees van Heugten, Rob Smit and Servaas Houben show the benefits of a stochastic model for Covid-19 infections in the Netherlands.

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The IFRS 17 transition option; risking business value with “simply” applying the fair value approach.

Authors: David Brunsveld, Servaas Houben Pdf: PDFArticle Publisher, publication date: The European Actuary, 2020-07 —————————————————————————————————————————— In light of the potential audience of this article, we sometimes deviate from specific IFRS accounting terms. IFRS 17 principles behind transition IFRS 17 is the … Continue reading

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IFRS 17 risk adjustment en enterprise risk management (ERM)

Authors: Jasper Hoogenstraaten, Servaas Houben Pdf: 44375-DA-27-3-art.Houben+Hoogenstraaten Publisher, publication date: De Actuaris, 2020-02 —————————————————————————————————————————— Het IFRS 17 verslaggevingsraamwerk schrijft voor bij het waarderen van technische voorzieningen van verzekeraars rekening te houden met een ‘risk adjustment’. Deze opslag dient ter dekking … Continue reading

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De Solidariteit van Solvency II

Authors: Servaas Houben Slides: De solidariteit van Solvency II 1.1 Publisher, publication date: VSAE, 2013-02 —————————————————————————————————————————— Presentation on the impact of discounting in Solvency II for different levels of sovereign credit risk

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Sovereign default risk in SII

Authors: Servaas Houben Slides: Sovereign credit risk 1 0 Publisher, publication date: Fleming, 2013-01 —————————————————————————————————————————— Presentation on the treatment of sovereign credit risk (in Solvency II) and the impact of discounting on insurance liabilities

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Rekenrente in de Dutch Caribbean – De rente is variabel

Authors: Servaas Houben Slides: Rekenrente in the Dutch Caribbean_v0.9 Publisher, publication date: Phenox, 2017-03 —————————————————————————————————————————— Presentation on yield curve/discount rate in the Dutch Caribbean: Effects of lower yields on liabilities Effects of yield volatility Option value in insurance products with … Continue reading

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Small Data – rente- en sterfte modellering

Authors: Servaas Houben Slides: Small data en rente en- sterfte modellering_Servaas Houben_v1.0 Publisher, publication date: AG Springschool, 2017-03 —————————————————————————————————————————— Presentation on the differences between small and big data, differences between the Dutch and Curacao pension systems, interest rate and longevity … Continue reading

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