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Top study tips and descriptions of post graduate studies.

Maak het meetbaar

Authors: Servaas Houben Slides: Actuariaat dag 2014_v1.4 Publisher, publication date: Actuarieel Podium, 2014-09 —————————————————————————————————————————— Presentation on the developments of an actuarial career, the price of guarantees, and opportunities for the actuarial profession

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Authors: Servaas Houben slides: Working in insurance1.1 Publisher, publication date: CFA, 2013-07 —————————————————————————————————————————— Presentation for CFA UK on how working in insurance can be an interesting career opportunity for CFA charterholders

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Wet van de remmende voorsprong

Authors: Arie Slotje, Servaas Houben link: Publisher, publication date: Actuarieel Podium, 2015-12 —————————————————————————————————————————— Uit het jaarlijkse onderzoek van Studie en Werk 2015[1], komt actuaris wederom naar voren als de beste starters-functie. En de uitkomsten in Nederland staan niet op … Continue reading

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Interview 19 March 2012

Q&A Servaas Houben:“A company is no father who will guide your career” Servaas Houben is risk actuary at Prudential Assurance in London. He also writes about his profession on his own blog and in the magazine De actuaris.

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Top 6 study tips

As I have done a considerable number of studies in my life, I consider myself quite a study expert (or nerd depending on your interpretation!). I always liked to learn new things but also have learned on “how to learn” … Continue reading

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Top 2 CFA level 3 exam tips

Congratulations, you passed the level 2 exam and are on your way to qualifying! You might be wondering, after reading my first 2 articles on CFA preparation, why you should be reading my tips at all! Maybe I am one … Continue reading

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Top 7 CFA level 2 exam tips

Congratulations with passing the first CFA exam! Don’t get overexcited yet: although the passing grades for the CFA 2 exam are usually higher than CFA 1, the people you are competing with will be better and also more motivated (as … Continue reading

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Top 7 CFA level 1 preparation tips

Preparing for the CFA level 1 exam? Read my top 7 exam tips!

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